Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A 'Ban the Fighting Sioux' story is in the headlines, must be October.

U of M won't reconsider sports ban over 'Fighting Sioux' nickname
GRAND FORKS, N.D. — A University of Minnesota policy discouraging the school's athletic teams from competing against the University of North Dakota in any sport except hockey will stand.

The school's Advisory Committee on Athletics said in February that it would reconsider the policy, which was prompted by UND's Fighting Sioux nickname. Committee chairman Douglas Hartmann now says that won't happen.

The decision could hurt UND during the five-year transition to NCAA Division I athletics in all sports that it embarked on last year. UND already plays hockey in Division I, and has a long-standing rivalry with Minnesota in that sport.

UND associate athletic director Betty Ralston says the Minnesota committee'! s decision is unfortunate but not surprising.

Like a cancer that continually comes out of remission, we have yet another 'Fighting Sioux' story. I've already posted on this topic 4 times in the last year. HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE

What it boils down to is a group of liberals at the U of M are trying to impose their own values on another university; punishing student athletes from another school because they have a mascot that doesn't sit well with their own guilt-ridden anxieties about being white; and it's about trying to win some tiny little skirmish for an ethnic group, when that group's real problems and battles are far, far greater than whether or not a university has an Indian for a mascot.

The head bozo of this latest idiocy out of Looney World is Doug Hartmann, a sociologist from the UofM. Mr Hartmann of course has to label this a racist issue because, quite frankly, he'd be out of a job, and wouldn't get on the radio and TV, and wouldn't get his books published if he couldn't find racism in every nook and cranny of culture. Here's one of his quoteable quotes:

Whites have invented subtle ways to convince themselves that race isn’t a problem in America.”-“The Meaning of White,” Time Magazine, September 11, 2006

And you know what Mr. Hartmann, liberal whites have invented 'in your face' ways to try and convince themselves, and everyone else, that racism is only caused by whites, and go out of their way to find race issues in every single event or circumstance they can find.

The simple facts of this mascot issue are: no university or it's teams are going to choose a mascot for the purpose of denigrating an ethnic group; rather, they're chosen because they want to identify with the characteristics that the symbol represents, or proud of what it means to their area. What's the difference between the Fighting Irish and the Fighting Sioux? The logo itself was created by an Indian. From what I've read, the majority of the Sioux people themselves approve of the logo. (as is the case with the Seminoles in Florida, who gave the right to Florida State to use their name, and are proud of it)

I think they should just have the Sioux tribe in ND take a vote. If the majority are OK with the logo, then all the liberal white bozos in MN should just back off and mind their own bees wax. If they vote goes against, then ND should go ahead and change their name; if they want to denigrate a group, they could choose the Fighting Liberal Loons.


Gino said...

you said it, david.

next, we need to change the name of the vikings.
the way they play football denigrates an entire race of northern europeans.

Palm boy said...

I agree.
It may be more insulting to replace the name sioux with liberal...

Lol @ gino.

Bike Bubba said...

Have these people ever considered the fact that Indian team names were originally chosen because that implied that they were a worthy, fierce, honorable opponent?

kingdavid said...

Who knows what these people think. I'm on the same page as you. The image I visualize of a Sioux warrior is filled with nothing but admiration at thier skills and courage.

It should be a basic rule: pick your battles. When it comes to the Native American community, I think there are far greater battles they are fighting.

The problem is liberals don't have the guts to make hard decisions in the big battles, they need to concentrate on these stupid non-issues so they can feel empowered.

Gino said...

maybe i'll buy a franchise and name it 'the drunken aboriginals'.

you think it may cause a stir?

Guitarman said...

3 or 4 years ago before the gopher football was all that bad. I believe the fighting Sioux (Div. II) either won the game or nearly won the game against Gophers. Who are these jerks that make these decisions. I'm a tax payer and I want to see the gophers get pummeled by a Div. II team....I don't care if they're called the Blue devels, the Red devils or even the Deadly Mohicans.