Thursday, August 02, 2007

Coming to your table soon

Any bovine experts out there? I've heard of corn-fed cows, and I'm not sure what they feed those Japanese cows that makes their beef so good; but, I've never considered what it would be like to taste garbage-fed cows. I imagine the taste would skyrocket past gamey.

Not that this cow will ever really have to worry about being served on someone's table. This is in India, and nobody would want to take a chance that they were eating Ghandi.


Palm boy said...

Squirell thief:;_ylt=AtXCir9.3FaEZ4jRzh8IlVis0NUE

Gabrielle Eden said...

I think I mentioned my cousin who just went to India, got something that caused he and his wife diarrhea, despite every effort to drink bottled water and stay in the finest hotels, saw people defecating and urinating everywhere, saw chickens, dogs, cats, cows roaming freely everywhere - appalling he said.

My other cousin, a doctor, said he's writing India off his list as a place to go. Sounds so sub-standard. We have no idea.

Bike Bubba said...

Down South, they fatten some cattle on boiled chicken manure. No, um, kidding. U.S. News did an article about it a few years back.

So if you go to a southern steak house, make sure you tell them "I'm hoping to find the highest quality beef--is yours fattened on chicken ****." They'll be, um, "glad" you asked. Or throw you out.

Anonymous said...

That's tasteless and tacky. You live in such a clean country with high standards of living.. And here you are mocking the lives of two children who are forced to feed their cows garbage. If they could afford any better, they would.