Thursday, August 02, 2007

Our first experience with the Saints

Our company put on a Night with the Saints event this evening. There was a picnic dinner before the game started. The St. Paul Saints are a minor league team; but they are big time in MN, mainly due to the fact that it's outdoor baseball. Another reason they're so popular is that the owner, Mike Veeck, is like the P.T. Barnum of baseball, and the whole atmosphere is like a 9 inning circus, with stuff going on the entire game besides the baseball. We had a great time.

Hannah brought her best friend along, and took advantage of a photo op during the dinner.

All the vendors wore this shirt

Not sure what this mascot is suppose to be, but Hannah got an autograph.

Mocha-momma was picked by Mrs. Stepford to take part in a contest. She stood on the hometeam dugout with her, and had to choose between a gift card to Cub Food, or what was in the bag, which is actually that thing behind her on the field. She went with the bag, and we won 80 lbs. of ice. I'm not kidding. They brought up 4-20 lb bags of ice, and laid them at our feet in the stands. This was at the top of the second inning. They proceeded to melt the entire game, and we left them. (good news---she also gave MM the gift card, but it didn't have the value written on it, we'll be surprised)

Not sure if any other teams have one, but the Saints have a ballpig. It carries out balls to the umpire between innings. (for positive reinforcement, the ump feeds it from a baby bottle)

This guy was rather bizarre. He's a Japanese guy who strolls around and interacts with the crowd. Here he is singing karaoke to a Mike and the Mechanics tune.

Going to a ballgame and having fun with your best friend---priceless