Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Holy FNA Batman; this is one annoying primate

The kids loved the Steve Martin movie, 'Cheaper by the Dozen;' especially the part where they put hamburger in the boyfriend's pants. When berating them, he makes the statement, "Funny, but wrong." Well, we used that alot, and then came up with our own, "Funny, now annoying." The only problem was when we tried to use it as an acronym---FNA. We decided not to use it in public. Anyway, that's what this story reminds me of. The monkeys are fun, for awhile, then they just get annoying.

Indian Police Hunt Monkey That Stole Tourist's Glasses
A South Korean tourist has filed a formal complaint against a monkey he says stole his reading glasses during his visit to the Hindu holy city of Varanasi in northern India.

Thousands of wild monkeys roam Varanasi, dotting the trees on the banks of the Ganges River and scampering through the city's many temples, where they are venerated as manifestations of the Hindu monkey god Hanuman.

Sounds like an offshoot of the Church of Evolution.

On Tuesday, police combed Varanasi's alleys searching for the monkey.

I hope they got a good description. Of course, he'd be the only monkey around wearing glasses, so it might not be that hard.

"It is difficult to trace the monkey but I am trying my best to locate the rogue," investigating officer Inspector Govind Singh said from Varanasi, some 185 miles southeast of Lucknow.

Great, now the monkey's gonna be labeled for life. All the other monkeys will be teasing him, "yeah well, your a rogue, na-na-na."

"But we can't do anything. We cannot shoot them or beat them as Hindus worship monkeys," he said.

Kind of like the same problem we have with liberals.

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