Monday, July 16, 2007

So very close to winning an award

From News of the Weird

Andres Vasquez, 20, of Verona, Ky., initially told the 911 operator in May that someone had "thrown" his truck on top of him, but he finally admitted he was drunk, had had a one-vehicle accident, was trapped upside-down and was in dire pain, fading in and out for over two hours to the dispatcher. The operators pleaded the entire time for Vasquez to just say where he was so that they could send a rescue party, but, as the Kentucky Enquirer put it, "When repeatedly asked his location, (Vasquez's) answer was always the same: 'I'm under the (expletive) truck.'" (He finally gave a clue and was rescued.) [Kentucky Enquirer, 5-18-07]

A Darwin Award that is. Is being a literalist genetic? The guy was giving the correct information. I'm wondering which factor played the greater role in this miscommunication---being drunk, or possibly being a hillbilly; maybe it was the combination.

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