Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Boy and His Dog

JR has started training classes with Dixie. We're hoping to get them working together as a team, then move into agility and/or flyball competitions. This dog is fast as the wind; and, being a herding dog, she has the moves. Gale Sayers couldn't cut like she does. We just want them to have fun together.

Which brings me to the subject of a cult movie from the 70's, A Boy and His Dog. It starred a young Don Johnson, and was about a post-apocalyptic world in which he traveled around with a telepathic dog. I remember going to see this movie at the Uptown movie theater in the early '80's.
I can't remember much about the movie, but I always remembered the ending. Don Johnson has the chance to run off with a girl, or save his dying dog. In the end, him and the dog are sitting around a campfire, eating, and the dog says, "Well, I'd say she certainly had marvellous judgement, Albert, if not particularly good taste." I don't have to spell out what happened to the love interest do I? If you're into bizarre, sci-fi, cult classics, you might enjoy it.


Palm boy said...

Border collie?

Anonymous said...

She's a sheltie, or Shetland sheep dog. She's very small for a sheltie, I think she's up to about 11 pounds right now. The reason we got her was because she's so small, the breeder couldn't breed her, so she gave her to us for free. We love this dog.


Gino said...

a boy and his dog.
one of the most memorable movies i've ever seen.

loved it.

Dave C said...

I believe that Don Johnson has been trying to buy up every available copy. It was a bad movie: Bad acting, bad sets, bad script. But it was hilarious, which is why I watched it about ten times. A friend of mine and I would get together and have bad movie marathons, and this one always made to list.