Thursday, June 28, 2007

Forget Bigfoot, send a research team to my backyard.

Team Heads to Michigan to Search for Bigfoot
Researchers will visit Michigan's Upper Peninsula next month to search for evidence of the legendary creature known as "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch."
The expedition will center in eastern Marquette County, said Matthew Moneymaker of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. The Upper Peninsula is the part of Michigan between lakes Superior and Michigan.
"We'll be looking for evidence supporting a presence. ... We hope to meet local people who might have seen a Sasquatch or heard of someone else who had an encounter," Moneymaker told the Daily Press of Escanaba.

For about a month now, Mocha-momma has been seeing an oriole at our birdfeeder. I, of course, have never seen it. She'll be looking out the kitchen window, and I'll be about 5 feet away, when she'll yell out--there's the oriole. When I get there 1.5 seconds later, it's gone. One day I was sitting in my car, getting ready to head out, and she's waving at me from the patio door---did you just see the oriole, it was right here. Uh, no honey, why don't you go back and lay down in bed, it's early. ( I did have my head down for a few seconds)

I'm really getting worried about these oriole hallucinations that she's experiencing. Evidently it's contagious, because JR has said he's seen this phantom oriole. I figure I'll see Bigfoot in my backyard before I'll see this oriole. Heck, I bet I'll see a horse sized squirrel in my backyard before I see this bird. I'm just going to have to amuse MM with these sightings of hers.

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Anonymous said...

I keep telling you: you have to believe to "see"!

mocha momma