Friday, June 29, 2007

Steve, at Careful Thought II, tagged me.

Songs That I’ve Made a Happy Fool of Myself Singing Along To

1. Any Beatle songs
2. Low Rider---War
3. Roadhouse Blues---The Doors
4. Free Bird---Lynard Skynard
5. Adam Raised a Cain---Bruce Springsteen
6. Get out of Denver---Bob Seger
7. Bad to the Bone---George Thorogood
8. Aria in Act II-Die Holle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen from Die Zauberflote

I tag Tiger Lilly, Mall Diva, Reverend Mother

(if you believe the last one, I bet you believe Al Gore)


Gabrielle Eden said...

I worked with this black lady of about 59 years old who has that song "Bad to the bone" by Thorogood on her cell phone and it plays exactly the real song every time her phone rings - cracks me up because it fits her persona so well!

Anonymous said...

I know one you missed..hint what were we watching before bed last night?

kingdavid said...

OK, so we saw the end of Grease, and that's one of my favorite belt it out songs,(mainly if we're in the car)---You're the one the I want. I love the "ooh-ooh-ooh" part.

Mall Diva said...

Hey! My response is up at the Nightwriter digs.