Friday, May 04, 2007

This day in history: May 4

1855 - American adventurer William Walker departs from San Francisco with about 60 men to conquer Nicaragua.

Hmm, the guy evidently had a low opinion of Nicaraguans---only 60 guys to take over a country. That gives me an idea. I say we get together a group of our blogging circle buddies and go conquer Aruba. Since it's just a small island, we could probably do it with half the number. I wonder how this turned out for the guy?

William Walker: was a U.S. physician, lawyer, journalist, adventurer, and soldier of fortune who attempted to conquer several Latin American countries in the mid-19th century. He held the presidency of the Republic of Nicaragua from 1856 to 1857 and was executed by the government of Honduras in 1860.

Executed heh. Any volunteers for the position of El Presidente.

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