Thursday, May 10, 2007

Here's something you don't see everyday

Bear Kills Moose in Alaska Driveway as Residents Watch
Odd sounds outside their home woke Gary and Terri Lyon early Sunday morning, so Gary got up to check it out. He looked outside and saw a 500-pound grizzly bear killing an adult moose in their driveway.
"I saw this wildlife spectacle of a full-grown brown bear on a
moose and the moose fighting for its life," Gary said.

If you are really sick and demented, and would enjoy watching the video of this grotesque spectacle of one of God's creatures getting killed and eaten, then go and watch it at Youtube, here. (I thought the 3rd video was the best)

I know how these people must have felt; I had the same feelings last week when I was watching a squirrel attack our bird feeder.

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