Tuesday, May 22, 2007

But will they work if the waist bands are stretched out and they have holes in them?

Isabodywear underwear fends off cellphone radiation
The briefs are purportedly constructed with threads made of silver, which the company claims will fend off harmful cellphone radiation; moreover, in an effort to really prove just how effective these undergarments are, it suggests that phone calls originated within the confines of your new underwear simply won't connect.

There's no word on when you can expect the Slipways to hit the market, but they should sell for CHF29.90 ($24) apiece when retailers start stocking.

Great, threads made of silver. So that means in the near future drug addicts are going to be mugging guys to steal their underwear, just to get the silver. Or, some researcher is going to come out and say that he's found that having the silver in your underwear, that close to the family jewels, causes more damage than possible cell phone radiation. I'm sorry, but the day I spend $24 on a pair of underwear will be the same day I decide to vote for a liberal democrat. In other words---ain't gonna happen.


Jonathan said...

To go along with your statement on the democrats voted in:

I don't blame the people buying this stuff as much as the idiot and idiots that allowed the garbage onto the free market. :P

Bike Bubba said...

For reference, this underwear will become more or less effective based on how well the silver threads make contact, and also based on how much they're stretched and make holes--technically it's called "Bethe hole coupling."

Silver also tarnishes, which will adversely affect this product's usefulness. Nothing like a nice black mark on that area to say "great pair of underwear!"