Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Waiting in long lines at amusement parks drive me insane too.

Police: 'Spitting' Teen Shocked With Taser At Disney
ORLANDO, Fla. -- A teen was shocked with a Taser gun and several others were detained at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom theme park after they attacked officers responding to reports they were spitting at guests, according to police.
A Disney security guard said three teens and two adults who were visiting the Magic Kingdom from Long Island Sunday were spitting at guests and cursing.
When a sheriff's deputy responded, the five are accused of punching and kicking the officer and other security guards at the park.

Do you think mind-altering drugs may have played a part in this. I can see if they were all teenagers, but two adults doing it as well---that's insane. My first thought was if this was some kind of activity performed in some idiotic movie like Jackass. I've never seen the film, so I don't know. Either that, or they just totally lost it from waiting in line for the rides. Maybe, if they're from Long Island NY, people were making fun of their accents.

Whatever the case may be, I get quite a chuckle from the fact that one of them was tasered. If I had to make a choice between carrying a gun, against the remote possibility of ever having to defend myself; or carrying a taser, and using it against annoying and/or insane people you run into almost daily, I'd opt for the taser.

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Jonathan! You're spitting again! Bad boy!