Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Liberals are insane: exhibit 9,872

Report: John Edwards Charges $55,000 for Speech on Poverty
John Edwards has an example to teach University of California at Davis students how to avoid poverty — charge $55,000 for a speech.
That's how much the 2008 Democratic presidential candidate negotiated for his fee to speak to 1,787 people at the taxpayer-funded school in January 2006, according to financial disclosures.

In a related story....John Edwards spends $55,000 to have his nose and ear hairs clipped at a Beverly Hills salon.

I don't blame Edwards for being the hypocritical, greedy scumbag he is; just as I don't blame Kennedy, or Kerry, or Gore, for being the same. I do blame the voters from their states for foisting these insane, liberal dinosaurs upon the rest of us year after year.


Jonathan said...

Hey, with the amount of time and effort it takes to pretty himself up, it's no surprise he is charging this much for a conference call (on poverty! HA!).

I mean, have you SEEN his hair? That's what a president't hair ought to look like. :P

Gabrielle Eden said...

he gets creepier all the time