Saturday, May 26, 2007

Beware of disinformation

Bobcat, not bear, blamed for attack on sleeping camper
A Minnesota DNR official said it looks like a bobcat pounced on a man's head in Itasca State Park and tried to pull him away.

(Spaulding and John Erb, a DNR biologist who studies bobcats, said they've never heard of one attacking a human. Spaulding traps the animals and said he's seen evidence that they've killed fawns, lambs and full-grown sheep, but not people.)

And we're to believe that this was the first time a bobcat did attack a human. Right. Everybody and their brother knows it was more than likely a terrorist squirrel; but with the lax borders at these state parks, you know the culprit is probably long gone and back into some other forest by now.


little-cicero said...

God, I hate cats. So evil. You never see Winnie the Pooh trying to kill Jerry the Mouse or Tweety Bird. If you ask me, bears have been framed by cats for most of the malicious attacks in history. The only thing I really hold against bears is their adorably stubborn Wall Street skepticism. Who's with me!?

Gabrielle Eden said...

Wayyyyyyta minute. I'm a cat lover. You're stepping on toes. I'm not with you.