Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Now what could they have been doing before they fell overboard?

Air Force cadet who fell off cruise ship with woman thanks rescuers
DENVER — An Air Force Academy cadet who plunged about 50 feet from a cruise ship balcony into the ocean with a female passenger thanked his rescuers Tuesday but didn't discuss the details of what happened.

The company has not disclosed the circumstances of the incident or identified the 20-year-old woman involved.

"We have concluded that their going overboard was an accident, and we consider the matter closed,'' the company said in a March 26 statement.

My guess, they were playing football on the balcony, and inadvertantly fell over the railing when he tackled her high. Or, maybe they were playing rock/paper/scissors while sitting on the railing and a gust of wind knocked them over. Whatever the reason, I'm sure that a 22 year-old male and a 20 year-old female on spring break from college were doing something very innocent. People fall off of these cruise ship balconies all the time, don't they?

If I ever go on a cruise ship, (I think I've made my feelings well known on this subject in previous posts) I wonder if people would think it odd seeing a guy wearing a life jacket every waking moment of the day. I think I'd even wear it in my sleep.

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Gabrielle Eden said...

Like i said, I agree with you on the cruise ship thing..the ocean scares me, and the thought of a huge ship on it.