Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Evidently global warming and George Bush are to blame

Mauling victim has deep wounds but no ill will
Paula Ybarra of Minneapolis does not blame the two dogs or their owner for last week's attack that left her eating through a tube in her nose and unable to speak.

Ybarra suffered "very serious" injuries, including a crushed trachea, a hole in her esophagus, the crushing of one of four main arteries from the chest to the brain and stanched blood flow, Krook said.

She doesn't blame the dogs. I guess the only other possibility is that green house gases somehow crushed her trachea, put a hole in her esophagus, and crushed her artery. The dogs just happened to be standing there when it occurred.

If she had her way, the dogs would still be free to injure, maim and maybe kill other people, possibly her own children.

I'm sure many liberals would be able to place the blame for all this on the Bush administration.

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