Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Now this is making an impression with your employer

CBS free-lancer on Masters arrested in bank robbery
A freelance editor from Alabama who was hired by CBS to help cover the Masters golf tournament this week was one of three people arrested Monday and charged in a bank robbery, authorities said.

A red dye pack mixed in the money exploded in the parking lot, he said.

After an anonymous tip, investigators arrested Michael Alan Crane, 31, at a nearby Holiday Inn and found clothing stained with red dye in his room, along with an undisclosed amount of money taken in the robbery, Roundtree said in a news release.

The mind of a normal person: "Hey, I got hired by CBS to work at the Masters; if I do a great job this could open up all kinds of opportunities with this company, at least it will look great on my resume and help in finding other jobs."

The mind of a complete nutcase, probably doing meth: "Hey, while I'm here, I'll take the opportunity to rob a bank." and " I don't think anybody will notice me as I walk through the hotel in dye stained clothing and carrying a bag that exploded."

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