Monday, April 16, 2007

Not exactly your typical "Greenpeace" cruise

WorldNetDaily Cruise opportunity

10th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONSail away with WND in 2008Cruise Eastern Caribbean with your news team

Join Joseph Farah, Elizabeth Farah, David Kupelian and other WND celebrity guests, Jan. 6-13, as they seek to answer the tough questions that face America during WND's inaugural cruise event, "America: the Next 10 Years." During seven luxurious days in the eastern Caribbean, you will enjoy and engage your favorite WND authors on a daily basis during intense sessions and moderated discussion groups among like-minded patriots.
And you can join this luxury cruise of a lifetime for only $640 a person.

Like I always say---if you're going to cruise, and either get violently ill from a mysterious outbreak, sink to the bottom of the Caribbean, or fall off a balconey and tread water for hours, you might as well do it surrounded by people who agree with you on political and social issues of the day.

I might do it just for the "harpoon a whale" activity.

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