Monday, April 16, 2007

Another oceanic AKJ incident

Sea lion attacks Australian girl
A teenage girl has been attacked by a sea lion while surfing behind a speedboat off Australia's west coast.
Ella Murphy, 13, suffered cuts to her throat, a broken jaw and lost three teeth when the mammal leapt out of the sea and mauled her.
A marine scientist said attacks by sea lions were rare and it may have been trying to play with the girl. Sea lions can grow up to 300kg (660 pounds).
That's just about the same thing that marine scientists say about shark attacks. "Oh, that's rare, they usually don't do that kind of thing to humans." To actually justify it by saying the seal wanted to play, that's ridiculous. Evidently getting a lobotomy must be one of requirements to earn a marine science degree. According to their thinking, there's absolutely no marine creature that would attack a human unless it had been provoked. I guess ocean predators are suppose to view humans like I view a plate of liver----it looks edible, but I'll pass on it today.

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