Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Forget black gold/Texas tea; Jed Clampett is now starting an elephant ranch

Elephant dung helps scientists develop new biofuel
PRAGUE (Reuters) - Scientists in the Netherlands have discovered a fungus in elephant dung that will help them break down fibres and wood into biofuel.

I infer from this sentence that they weren't necessarily searching for this fungus, but by chance stumbled on the discovery. That then begs the question, what were they doing playing with elephant dung in the first place? "Hey Lars, quit screwing around with that elephant poop and get to work."

Someone is quite the visionary. Making the leap from elephant dung to biofuel takes quite an imagination.

I'm gonna have to put my imagination to work and start my own experimentation. There must be something that guinea pig turds can be used for. Our two certainly put out enough during a typical day. If I can't find anything in the scientific arena, maybe I can start doing guinea pig poop art. Heck, between our dog, cat, and guinea pigs, I'd have enough material to become quite the prolific poop-art artist. (don't laugh, it's been done before)

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