Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What are the odds?

(picture from Drudge Report web site)

I bet this woman made it out of this plaza without getting splattered by one drop of pigeon poop.
When I had just graduated from college, one of my frat buddies got married in Duluth, (which for you non-MN types is a port town on Lake Superior, the largest body of fresh water in the world)
Anyway, just before the ceremony some of us were standing in the parking lot talking with one of the groomsmen, Harry (the Dutchman). The groom went with the top of the line tuxedo rentals---tails, ascots, the whole nine yards. So we're talking under a beautiful blue sky, nothing to be seen above, and a big glob of seagull poop lands right on the Dutchman's shoulder, about 5 minutes before showtime.
Reality can be surreal at times.


Bike Bubba said...

All the world is in tune on a spring afternoon when we're poisoning pigeons in the park!

(thanks, Tom Lehrer!)

Gino said...

i went to high school about a half mile from the beach(redondo). seagulls were a BIG factor of life.

my friend was eating an ice cream drumstick during lunch, when from overhead, you can guess what landed right on top of it.

its one of side splitter memories from the ol HS days, still talked about today.

Night Writer said...

When I was in Trafalgar Square back in '79 the place was covered in pigeons; it looked like a moving carpet. When I took the family back there last spring there wasn't a pigeon to be seen.

The secret: a falconer was there with a Harris hawk, paid for by the city. The hawk didn't eat any pigeons - its handler fed it. Its mere presence, however, was enough to keep the whole square pigeon free! (More details in the May archives on my blog).

hammerswing75 said...

NW, you had a much different Trafalgar experience than me. They were everywhere. Luckily I had a camera and snapped a shot of two tree branches full of them with St. Martin in the Fields in the background. It's one of those good pictures that you take by accident.