Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Feed my family for a month, or go see Cirque Du Soleil (tough call)

My company is offering discounted tickets to see the upcoming Cirque Du Soleil show called Delirium. The price per ticket: $93.50

I think I would need to be in a state of delirium to actually even consider spending close to $400 to take my family to go see this show.

I've seen some of these performances on TV, so I really don't think I need to see this one, no matter how new it is. I think I'd equate it with either Kenny G's music, or any hip-hop/rap performers out there today---once you've heard one song, you've heard all they have.

Regarding the Cirque; once you've seen a bunch of Asian human pretzels contort into inhuman positions, and have seen people flying through the air on cables, all while some guy/gal dressed in an LSD inspired outfit is singing opera; well, you've seen all you need to see of their schtick.

My sister-in-law is an accountant for this company in Las Vegas. If we ever make it to Vegas and she can get us comp tickets, I may consider going. In the meantime, if I want to see bizarre acts performed to music, I'll pop in an Enya c.d. and watch my son freak out Mocha-momma with his double jointed thumb and elbow routines.


Gino said...

nearly a hun for a show without animals?!?!?!

forget it.

besides, i think cirque soleil is kinda gay anyway.

Mercy Now said...

It's definitely different but not worth $94 each. Barnum & Bailey's Circus was just in town here and the tik price was $12 each. Cirque is like the Cartier watch or Tiffany undewear, yes, a friend told me that his daughter saw a Tiff undie for $3,000 at this new swanky mall. My thought is why in the world would you spend $3K for something that's underneath, I can maybe understand if it was an outer clothing.

Gino said...

not just underneath, but up against, ahem... yeah...

if i buy my woman a $3k panty, its only because i expect it to spend more time on the floor next to the bed(with the rest of clothes) than on her body.