Friday, January 05, 2007

Alive and kicking

Marty Andrade had a link to a website for a local newspaper (Annandale MN) and in particular a story which had quotes from the last year. One of them was this one:

- "If I'm alive next year, I'll get another one." - 90-year-old Art Montour Sr. of Annandale telling about driving 31/2 hours north, bagging a doe and driving back on the opening day of the firearms deer hunting season in November.

It was just unfortunate that he didn't remember deer don't have black spots and udders.
Just kidding. Quite the inspiration that a 90 year old still goes out and participates in something he loves to do.

If I'm still alive next year, I plan to post another blog on my site.


Gino said...

old hunters never die.
gotta admire that guy.

kingdavid said...

I knew you'd appreciate this quote.

Gino said...

still gettin teary-eyed just thinkin bout it... *sniff*