Friday, January 05, 2007

The latest medical condition: cell phone ear.

It's lunch hour. I just walked back to my work area from the cafeteria. There were 6 people who walked past me going the opposite way---5 women and 1 guy---5 of them were on cell phones. Guess which one of the 6 wasn't yacking away.

I know there are guys who have them embedded in their ears; but, primarily it's the women in the building that I see using cell phones all over the hallways. Some of these people are worse then Meth addicts. I can see the day when they have cell phone interventions.


Palm boy said...

My name is Robert, and I haven't used a phone in 27 hours...

kingdavid said...

I remember when I was a lad, high school, even college. My phone calls were usually in this vein (usually to a buddy)--- what's going on; nothing; come on over; ok, see you in 5; bye. (In college we'd also add: got beer; yes or got beer; no; I'll stop and get some.