Friday, January 05, 2007

They grow up too fast.

Thinking about our dinner tomorrow night at a fine Polish establishment in Minneapolis; it's a combination birthday/anniversary celebration. (our wedding anniversary is January 8, I'll post more on that later)

Anyway, I'm thinking about what we're going to eat, and I started thinking about my 11 year old son, Jonathan (or JR). I remember what a change it was when he stopped ordering kid's meals at McDonalds and Burger King, and started ordering the adult value meals.

What's that though, about $1.00-1.50 difference at most. Well, he's reached a whole new level. We had gotten some gift cards to TGI Fridays for X-mas, and we went there last week. He no longer wants to order off the kid's menu; he ordered a steak off the regular menu and snarfed it down, then helped mom eat some of her steak as well.

OK, now we're talking an additional $10 to our dinner outings. Thankfully we don't go to those kind of restaurants too often; our primary 'eat out' choice is Old Country Buffet. My boy is growing up, and starting to eat like a horse.

Now that he's eating like his old man, the next sign-post will be when he starts growing a beard like me. Puberty's hitting earlier nowadays, I may have to start teaching him to shave when he's 12.


Gino said...

just wait til the daughter(you have one,right?) reaches her growth spurt.(hint: near about the time her t-shirts stretch in the front). better go buffet then, cause she'll out eat both the boys.

Mercy Now said...

Would this be a good time to encourage him to start mowing neighbors yards so that he knows $$ doesn't magically appear in your pockets? :o)