Friday, December 29, 2006

Nope, sorry, the sun doesn't rise in the east; that goes against my ideological beliefs

Steve, from Careful Thought II, posted a link to a think tank that wrote about an alternate theory which debunks the claims of global warming; naturally he drew comments from some leftist whose basic argument was that the experts cited weren't saying what he wanted to hear, so they're wrong. The lobotomized, liberal mind; what a waste.

I haven't written much on the whole global warming debate. These issues where both sides can haul out experts and argue facts and statistics and data till the cows come home aren't worth dwelling on. I'm not a climatologist, so I can only go by what I read and the perceptions I make regarding who is saying what. I'm sticking with the 'global warming is a hoax' side. Anyway, here's a comment I posted:

Leftist ideology on nearly every issue that confronts us today is based on fear and trying to scare people so that they’ll fall lock-step into the elitist left’s vision for the world they want. Global warming isn’t a stand alone issue, it’s a symptom of the overall psychological disorder that is liberalism. These people have been pulling this environmental mumbo-jumbo since the very first ‘Earth Day’ when I was a kid. You can take highlight film from ‘Earth Day’ every year since it was started and you couldn’t tell them apart. Goofballs dressing up in gas masks and grim reaper costumes lamenting the death throes of poor Mother Gaiea, or whatever it is they worship. The current debate on global warming is just another scare tactic to push the agenda of the left. There’s article after article with opinions, facts and other theories which debunk the whole concept of global warming, all from scientists who have credentials just as impressive, if not better, than anyone the left has promoting it. The fact that a movie was made by a pathological liar and political has-been who sees this as a way to keep his name in the public eye is not proof of global warming.


Steve said...

The level of despair and self-loathing in these guys is just amazing. Check out the guy's web site here.

Anonymous said...

I did check his site. I started a number of times to write a comment, but each time I just sensed in my spirit not to even push it. With these people you can't waste time with reason/logic, you just pray the Holy Spirit gets a hold of them.