Monday, October 01, 2007

Teach an old dog new tricks

I've always believed in the concept of learning just for the sake of learning. I enjoy reading and learning about pretty much anything; so, imagine my joy when I found this class offered in our local community education's fall listing. I was looking up a guitar class that we might try and get Hannah in, when I saw this:

Deer Cutting for Dummies

This class will teach the basic skills to cut your own deer. We will show the proper care of the deer from field dressing to skinning and cleaning of the carcass. Next we will show how to cut your deer for various cuts of meat. We will also seam the rounds to show how to cut it for jerky or steaks and roasts. The class will use a “road-kill deer” for hands on experience. Included in the fee is a basic step-by-step book for quick reference. Deer cutting supplies will be available for purchase. Swen-Dell Deer instructors have years of meat cutting experience.

Cost: $40
Location; RHS Wood Shop

Cutting up a deer in the high school wood shop class!!! I think I'd be able to cut up just about any type of animal if I had a room full of power tools available to me.

Gino: this is a good way to pick up some extra bucks, get a hold of your local community ed and offer to teach a class. I actually tried it one time myself; although it was about doing crosswords, not slicing up Bambi after she was nailed by a car. Nobody signed up though---go figure; I'd think there would be more people who do crosswords than go out deer hunting.


Guitarman said...

Won't have to go too far for the 'road kill'. County road 92 just south of Hwy 55, right hand side of road to be exact.

Tiger Lilly said...

You know, I'm pretty sure Bambi was a boy...

kingdavid said...

If that's the case, why don't you ever hear of boys being named Bambi? Huh, Huh. Am I right.

Believe it or not, I've never seen the movie. I don't know if my parents tried to shield me as a child. I've seen just about every other Disney movie.

So, I can claim ignorance in not knowing she was a he.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Don't you feel sorry for the poor deer? (he he)

Bike Bubba said...

If you're curious, all you really need is a bandsaw and a good knife to do the job. A CLEAN bandsaw, of course.

've seen a few deer done this way, and it actually turns out that a great portion of actual butchering of cattle & hogs is done with that tool from woodshop. My uncle used to own a meat locker, and still works there during deer season.

And yes, Bambi was a boy, so maybe people named "Bambi" are speaking to some confusion on their (or their parents'?) part?

kingdavid said...

Come to think of it, wasn't there a wide receiver that played in the NFL that they called Bambi? Lance Alworth.

I just googled it. It was Lance Alworth. He was arrested for exposing himself--that's why you don't want to name a boy Bambi.

Gino said...

i've thought of doing my own processing(cutting), but the deer butcher only charges $50.

the feild dressing,though, i do that myself.