Monday, October 01, 2007

If you're ever in Houston, visit the new Texas Aviary

Just call me before you go, and I'll give you directions to my brother Steve's house. It was actually the desire of his wife, Lori. I'm not sure she fully considered the ramifications of getting 4 birds in a house that is habitated by a cop with multiple handguns at his disposal. Oh well.

They named them Arnie, Jack, Tiger and Annika. They also have multiple dogs, two of them being Bogey and Birdie. Can you tell---my brother's a big soccer fan.

When we visit again, I'm expecting there to be some minor changes in the house---such as new flooring provided by the Houston Chronicle.

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Mercy Now said...

Can you train a bird to go to the restroom? I've not heard of it so I guess one should wear raincoat when visiting.