Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The other white meat

Top Lakeland restaurant serves up Peking duck-style squirrel pancakes
A top restaurant is serving up free grey squirrel pancakes to hungry diners.
Peking duck-style squirrel wraps are being offered to diners at The Famous Wild Boar Hotel.

The partnership has killed 4,521 greys since January, and Lord Redesdale said: "The problem is that when we catch and dispatch greys, there is nothing we can do with them.

So heck, why not slice 'em up and make them into pancakes. I like their thinking.

"We would like to be a supplier of grey squirrels. With an estimated five million greys in the country, there are enough of them to go round."

Sounds like full-time work available to me. I wonder if they're taking applications.

Forget the fancy-smancy atmosphere; lets start a fast-food chain and market it to the masses; no more IHOP, we're talking IHOS--International House of Squirrel


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