Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Few, The Proud, The Sweepers

This guy on the end should be getting some demerits---out of uniform; and look at the lax way he's holding that broom. I think he needs to march some 'tours.'

I went to the Air Force Academy right out of high school. Although I transferred to Gustavus 2nd semester in my sophmore year, I still have some great memories of that experience.

On the first night of being in the dorms, after basic training, I was put into a three man room. The next morning there would be an inspection, so we were busting our butts trying to get the room in order, including the floor, which we had to get spotless. Well, about midnight they come in and told me two seniors had each been given their own room, and that they were moving them in together; thus, I would get that room with another guy who was also in a three man room.

I had just spent hours cleaning that room, and the room they dumped me into had nothing done to it. My new roomie and I spent the next few hours with toothbrushes trying to get the floors clean. The powers that be in our squadron assured us that we would not get in trouble because of what happened.

Well, the next day, we're standing at attention waiting for the inspection, when we see an officer standing outside looking at our room, in particular the floor. Next thing we know, we're getting demerits, and had to march 6 tours. That's 6 one-hour blocks marching in a square on a Saturday morning, with rifles at shoulder arms.

I hate to imagine what we would have gotten had they not taken care of us so well. (lousy upperclassmen)


Steve said...

Man, I didn't realize you were a zoomie. What class were you? I graduated in 85.

kingdavid said...

I would have graduated in '79; The Last Class with Balls. (my soph year was the first year they allowed women in)

I wasn't pilot qualified, wasn't getting into the military life, and I played hockey---but hated the coach; just decided to leave and go normal.

For the life of me, I can't remember what my squadrons were. I think I was in 19 first year; and I'm thinking 39 would have been 2nd year.