Monday, October 15, 2007

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world (reason # 3,448) (this is becoming a regular feature)

Miley mania makes moms hoppin' mad
Sky-high concert ticket prices for tween queen Miley Cyrus are being investigated.

If you haven't seen this story yet, take any food or foreign objects out of your mouth before reading this next bit.

It could be worse. On ticket broker the average resale price for the Minnesota show is $161, compared with $239 for all stops on Cyrus' tour, said Jessica Erskine, a spokesperson for the broker.

If you have a daughter, anywhere from pre-k to high school, and have Disney Channel, I'm sure you've seen the show. What a tough call for parents---feed your family for a month or two, or take your kids to go see a concert that you can get on video, or buy a $15 CD.

I wouldn't pay this much to take Hannah to go see Barney. Heck, I wouldn't pay this much to go see the Beatles Reunion Tour, even if John and George came back from the grave.

The insanity isn't so much that they're charging these kind of prices; the insanity is that parents are bending over backwards and paying those prices. I just bought Hannah a poster from High School Musical 2; $4.25, I hope she appreciates it, because that's about my limit for this type of entertainment.


Palm boy said...

Disney Channel is on a roll.

Guitarman said...

We just added our 2nd H M CD to our collection. This one though has songs from Miley Cyrus too. I like the Show actually

Gabrielle Eden said...

My brother, a lawyer, has two girls he adopted from China. They get to do a lot of cool stuff cuz he has the bucks to do it. They went to China this year, Hawaii, and they are going to the Hanna Montana concert.