Saturday, September 15, 2007

When the girls are away, the boys will play

Hannah is off at Girl Scout camp. MM is off at a face-painting job. So, JR and I took a little quality time for the boys. We went out for lunch, saw the latest Harry Potter movie, and for the finale---Cabelas.

We still haven't gotten JR a rifle yet; but he did complete the safety course. Just as Gino suggested, the guy there showed us a Ruger 22 as a recommendation for a first gun. I was pleasantly surprised that it was listed at $189. JR is also interested in getting into archery. The guy in that dept. showed us a Genesis brand that he said he outfits all the scout groups with. That was the main goal, to find out what we're looking at for JR; but, we also had one other item of interest that we wanted to check out.

Mocha-momma has become obsessed with starting a family hobby that she's been hearing about for a while, and after a breakfast with some friends from church who we found out were into it as well, she's really keen on it. What is it?----Geocaching.

We're starting to check out GPS systems, and so far the Garmin brand seems to be the frontrunner. I'm sure you'll be hearing about this endeavor some time soon. We're hoping to maybe do a little bit of it before the snow starts falling.


Dave said...

Hey....if JR wants to and can pull back a 44 pound recurve bow, he's welcome to come shoot in my back yard sometime. I'm sure he knows the range...since he mowed it 2 weeks ago. And he probably knows my 'berm' as well!

Gino said...

ruger is suggested,eh?
do i not know my stuff,or what?

manik said...

recurve bows are great