Thursday, September 20, 2007

Saw this at Vox Day's site

Take a Civics Test.

You answered 47 out of 60 correctly — 78.33 %
Average score for this quiz during September: 75.2%

Average score since September 18, 2007: 75.2%

Ouch, C+ in civics. It was tough though. Plan on a little time.


Gabrielle Eden said...

Got my computer back. Just no good at all on that test. Cheers!

Uncle Ben said...

That test was fun! I scored 57/60 or 95%. Not bad, eh? ;)

Palm boy said...

85%. A b.

kingdavid said...

Well yeah, you guys are younger. I've probably forgotten more in the last 20 years than you guys know.

Really though, nice job. You'll be pleased to know that Vox Day got a 56, and he's in Mensa. Better put in your application Ben.

Bike Bubba said...

I beat Vox by 4. Not to brag, but I'm...bragging.

Not gonna see if I'm ready to be part of the table, though. ("Mensa" is Latin for "table")