Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hypothetical question for Gino

God has graciously come to you and said you can do it all over again. He makes you a young man and says you can achieve fame and glory in your life; but, you have to make a choice between two options.

Will it be in A. The performing arts.

Or B. International rugby

What in the world are you gonna choose?


Palm boy said...

I'll turn the offer down, thank you very much.

Gino said...

i'll take PB's advice.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Great rugby photo!

kingdavid said...

When your one of the big guys in the scrum, this is pretty much your life playing rugby.

Besides having my legs and arms covered in scabs for the season, one of the persistent injuries you put up with are sprained or broken fingers.

That's why they always had a medicinal keg on hand for after the game.