Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Saw this at Evangelical Outpost

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It's going to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center; which brings up some very interesting thoughts.

  • Exactly how many major Christian events does the Las Vegas Convention Bureau try and book each year? I'm sure the casinos must lobby like crazy to get them.
  • Beside hitting all the great buffets, exactly where will these people be spending their money while in town?
  • Will the Bellagio come up with a new attraction: The Parting of the Fountain?

Lets just hope there's no stripper's convention going on at the same time. That would make for an interesting few days.


Gabrielle Eden said...

Funny, KD! Interesting observation..

Gino said...

there is always a stripper convention in town.

Bike Bubba said...

What Gino says. At a lot of the casinos, even the waitresses are dressed like the world's oldest profession.

A professional society I am a member of got in trouble with one casino because they filled up half the rooms and (being engineers) didn't gamble much. Hopefully this convention suffers the same fate.

Personally, I don't understand the attraction of Vegas. 110 in the shade, everything reeks of stale cigarette smoke, nasty buffets, and all those slot machines beeping while a depressed looking senior citizen feeds it as many tokens as it can handle. This is fun?

King David said...

MM and I will go out to Mystic Lake for their buffet every once in a while, we love that; but we just beeline it right to the restaurant. It is amazing, and sad, to see the people there obsessed with hitting some type of jackpot.

I can imagine in the old days it was more fun though--plugging in your coin, pulling the handle, hearing the coins clanking down. Now, you sit there and put in the money, then just push the button until you run out of credits.

We went to some weekend deal at Christmas Mountain in the Dells long ago, and as part of the package we got a dinner and roll of quarters to the local casino. MM started playing some slots, and got up $40. She wanted to quit, but I told her if she was having fun, keep going. She lost it all. She didn't let me forget that for a long time.