Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I feel so violated

It's kind of the same feeling I get when somebody else's dog comes and dumps in my yard and they don't pick up after it. Some anonymous troll left some comments.

Evidently I don't have a clue, nor appreciate the artistic genius, of someone who would hang themselves from hooks that they've pierced through their body. Aside from demonstrating that they have a high pain threshold, I don't exactly see the talent. Bob Ross painting his own little world of landscapes is more an artist than some demented individual who thinks masochism is an art form. I wonder how talented this guy thinks the "artist" that made meatballs out of his own liposuctioned body fat is. I guess he'd rank right up there with Michelanglo.

Also, I'm pathetic because I've never felt any inclination to go out and master any particular topics so that I can get involved in meaningless debates that never will be resolved in ours, or anybody's, lifetimes. Some people enjoy debating for the sake of debating, whether it's about evolution, homosexuality, politics, global warming, yada-yada-yada. My faith is in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, along with His written revelation, the Bible; not in my intellectual ability to debate and understand every single issue in the Design vs Evolution debate. I'm not a Christian apologist. That does not mean I don't read and learn as much as I can about the impact on Christianity of things happening in science, archaeology, history, etc. For the vast majority of people, what to believe re: these disciplines comes from making decisions on who do you believe, not on what you've gone out and studied yourself. I have my hands full trying to master being a disciple of Christ, a husband, a father, a ministry leader, a community volunteer, a good employee---I don't have the need, desire or calling to try and master some scientific discipline so that I can convince some non-believer that God actually created the universe by design; I do have the calling to stand before a group of cub scouts and encourage them about God's great love for them and that he has a special calling and purpose for their lives.

The troll basically said that the depth of my faith was a joke because I didn't feel the need to get into a debate with people who take the design vs evolution debate far more seriously than I do. What an idiotic statement. The depth of my faith isn't being developed because I'm trying to understand the ramifications of the fossil record on either side of the endless debate; it's being developed through the refining fire of circumstances that has me on my knees before God, seeking His face, and learning to obey His commandments and will for me and my family.


Gino said...

you sound like st francis of assissi.
he couldnt win a debate either, or explain the mysteries to a skeptic.

what he did was live the faith completely, and taught others how to do the same.
now, all you gotta do is give up sex and talk to animals.

he's my co-patron, along with patricus of ireland.

Uncle Ben said...

Getting involved in arguments like that are usually pointless. The one thing that is important is treating those who disagree with love. They are responsible for themselves and we ourselves.

Steve said...

One of the many faults of the internet (and of blogging) is that it is essentially an anonymous activity. That makes it easy for someone to post whatever they like about you. They don't know you and can make snap judgments. You don't know them and have little recourse other than to delete their commments. Sorry if my blog has been a contributing factor.

King David said...

I'll get right on that Gino--talking to animals, not the other impossible part.

Steve, I should have just let it slide, but writing it all out helped me think through it.

I'm a very tiny blip on the radar screen. I can't imagine how people in the public eye can put up with these kind of people on a daily basis.

I'm just conditioned to accepting it's blogging friends who come around and comment; this bozo came out of the blue.

Bike Bubba said...

Is this in response to the guy who more or less stated that you have no clue about art? Or something else?

My take is simple; though we may not all be scientists like Newton or artists like Rembrandt, we ignore the issues at our peril. One great place to start, and one that is accessible to the average reader, is Schaeffer's "How should we then live." It actually may make your striving to live for Him easier at the same time it puts you in a position to understand the nuances of art, science, and such.

That poster won't like it, though, as Schaeffer is not exactly kind to the "stick hooks in your flesh and call it art" crowd.