Sunday, September 16, 2007

The hills are alive, with the sound of mooooooooosic.

This must be the Elizabeth Taylor of cowdom. She doesn't just wear normal bells, she has to wear the most ostentatious bell she can find. I drive by numerous dairy farms, and even a farm with a herd of buffaloes, on my way to work; but, I can't say I've ever seen any of the bovines dressed up like they were going to prom.

Dating cows is kind of odd, but I don't think it's quite as strange as this fetish.

Man with apparent foot fetish nabbed
A man stopped a woman as she walked to her car in downtown St. Paul early Saturday, demanded that she remove her shoes and then licked her toes and feet.

Of course, this guy doesn't begin to reach the level of weirdness that this guy has reached. From News of the Weird.

Ric Hoogestraat is married to Sue and works at a call center in the Phoenix area but spends 30-plus hours a week inside the online Second Life video game, pretending that he is the digitally drawn Dutch Hoorenbeek, a 6-foot-9, muscular babe magnet who lives on his own island. That unnerves Sue, according to an August Wall Street Journal profile, especially since Dutch recently "married" a digital woman and set up housekeeping with their two digital dogs. (The real-life creator of the new Mrs. Hoorenbeek has never met Ric and says she never will.) Dutch and his wife spend hours shopping and motorcycling together, leaving Ric little time for Sue. "Is this man cheating on his wife (meaning Sue)?" the Journal asked. Lamented Sue: "You try to talk to (Ric) or bring (him) a drink, and (he)'ll be having sex with a cartoon." [Wall Street Journal, 8-10-07]

I would say that having some sort of fantasy life is fairly normal; but this guy does seem to have crossed a line in their marriage. It would seem to me he is cheating on an emotional and mental level, if not physically. I'm glad I don't let this kind of fantasy stuff control my behaviors. Gotta run, Bathsheba is calling her king.

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Palm boy said...

Wow... That guy with the foot... Idiot.

And the second life, sounds like something that would happen in china.