Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Getting out of the boat

Matthew 14:
27 But Jesus immediately said to them: "Take courage! It is I. Don't be afraid."
28 "Lord, if it's you," Peter replied, "tell me to come to you on the water."
29 "Come," he said.

We all know what happened next, Peter failed. Well, not exactly. He did walk on water. It was only when he took his eyes off Jesus that he began to sink; but, Jesus caught him, and didn't let him go under.

We are stepping out of the boat as well.

Most of you know that Mocha-Momma was filling in as the church secretary after the associate pastor who had been doing all the office work left. It was a temporary fix until a new person was hired; and, since MM was on summer break from her job at the elementary school, pastor asked if she would fill in.

It turned out that, for many reasons, MM loved it. When time came to apply for the position, we prayerfully considered all the implications that would come with her taking the job, and decided to have her go for it. She did apply and interview; although, in the back of her mind, she thought someone would come along better qualified who would get it. Well, she was wrong.

Pastor called her on Sunday night and offered the position to her. It was a unanimous choice by the selection committee. Oh my, we were still sitting in the boat, looking at the benefits of stepping out in faith, but also seeing the dangers that came along with it (i.e. financial ramifications). Now, we had to make the decision. Well, we're taking the step.

MM accepted the position, and put in her notice at the school. That was one of the hardest parts of this, the timing. Getting offered the position two days prior to school starting was not the best scenario. She had attended training sessions last week, and knowing that she couldn't say anything yet to her boss and co-workers was hard. She did tell them yesterday, and evidently none of them took it very well.

The hard, cold, fact of the matter is this though---we feel strongly this was a door opened by God; we feel it is the culmination of a long, hard summer of lessons that God had been working on us; and, we feel that this is a test of faith, and as long as we keep our eyes on Jesus, we will also walk on water, in spite of all the circumstances that are going on around us.


Steve said...

Good on you both for taking that step of faith.

Garden Mum said...

None of us took it well because we see on a daily basis the extraordinary “gift” God has given M.M. in working with the population of children she works with. God loves and accepts His children unconditionally as M.M. does these kids. We will also truly miss her companionship, her much appreciated advice and compassion concerning the children we all work with, and her carefully thought out, intelligent advice given to coworkers on personal matters whenever she saw we needed an ear. M.M. is an important thread so woven into the daily lives of the children and her coworkers here at the school that we will take a bit of time to mend.
A Co-Worker

Good luck to you M.M. I know you and your family did a lot of soul searching and praying and I support your decision. I also believe, however, that you have more than one gift.

Matthew 25:14-30, “The Parable of the Talents”
This parable tells us to invest ourselves, our talents, and our abilities. The one who hid their one talent had it taken away. The ones who had two and five talents invested theirs and multiplied their gifts!

kingdavid said...

We did do a lot of praying and soul searching, and this has not been easy for MM. One of my very biggest concerns, and one which her co-workers might not have fully realized, was the tremendous strain it puts on her physically.

As coworkers, you don't see her at night after a hard day, where she can hardly walk because of the pain in her knees and her heels.

She does have a number of gifts, and they shine through no matter what the job has been. She'll shine in this new position as well, and she'll be impacting lives in ways that God directs.

She has been appreciative of those coworkers who have supported her; she has also been extremely stung and hurt by the comments of others. Bottom line, this is our life, and we're acting in accordance with what we feel is God's move in our lives. You all and the kids will move on as if nothing had changed; we will move on into another dimension in our faith walk that was undreamed for us at the beginning of this summer.