Friday, September 07, 2007

AKJ event: was it a lion, a tiger, or bear? (oh my)

Nope, it was a snake. If I recall correctly, death by snakes was one of the leaders in my previous tally board of the Animal Kingdom Jihad.

Cancer Patient Fatally Bitten by Snake on Hospital Bed in Thailand
BANGKOK, Thailand — A cancer patient lying on a gurney waiting to be treated was fatally bitten by a snake, a hospital in western Thailand said Friday.
A pit viper bit the man last week at Kanchanaburi Memorial Hospital in Kanchanaburi province, 70 miles west of Bangkok. He died on Tuesday, four days after the snake bit.

Gurneys at the hospital, in a semi-rural area, usually are laid outside the hospital buildings to wait for incoming patients, and the snake apparently slithered onto the gurney when it was outdoors.

I can just hear a spokesman for the Herpetology Society---"pit vipers don't usually crawl out of the jungle, slither onto gurneys, and bite incapacitated medical patients." Ya wouldn't think so would ya.

I really dislike snakes. I'm glad we live in an area where they are no problem.

The worst situation I ever found myself in with snakes was a long time ago when I was working in a group home with a couple of mentally disabled gentlemen. One of the guys, I can't remember his name, was always saying to me: "Dave, look, over there, snake Dave, big snake." He would say it everytime I was with him, whether we were in the home or out and about. The scary thing was, I never knew if the invisible snake was there following me, or if it was following him.

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