Sunday, August 05, 2007

We're getting close to the Deer Fishing opener

Story in a nutshell---two guys out fishing in the Chesapeake Bay. They see something off in the distance. At first they thought it might be a seal; but there are no seals found in that bay. As they get closer, they see what it is, one of the guys makes a lasso and gets it around the deer's head. They were able to drag it into the boat and bring it back to land.

My dad has a similar story from when he was out on a local lake fishing; except it was a squirrel. They put a net out for it, which the squirrel grabbed on to and held on for dear life. They went up to shore and let it go. Considering they were out fishing for muskie, that was one lucky squirrel not to have been a main entree.


Gino said...

buck, in his second year of life, fished out in july.

Bike Bubba said...

What do you use for bait?

Gino said...

i imagine acorns would be hard to fit on a hook.