Friday, August 03, 2007

The canines and felines are restless

Yikes, 2 major AKJ events:

Dogs Maul Caretaker to Death at Ving Rhames' Home
LOS ANGELES — A 40-year-old man was mauled to death by as many as four dogs at the home of Ving Rhames on Friday, authorities said.
The victim, who hasn't been identified, had worked at the actor's home for about two years and was responsible for caring for the dogs, said Los Angeles Police officer Sandra Gonzalez.

Man Pulls 12-Year-Old's Head From Cougar's Jaws
CLINTON, British Columbia — Mark Patterson kicked, choked and wrestled a cougar to rescue a 12-year-old boy from the jaws of the big cat at a resort camp in south-central British Columbia.

Talk about an adrenaline surge. I can see where a person can get pumped up to lift a heavy object off of someone, that doesn't take much thought or courage to attempt. To make a conscious decision to take on a wild animal that could just as easily turn around and kill you; that's some major league cajones on this guy.

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