Monday, August 06, 2007

That's rrrrrrrrrrrrrrright

My boss sent out an e-mail asking if anyone on our team was fluent in Spanish. I e-mailed back and asked if having watched Spanish Lessons with Don Miguel on public television when I was in elementary school counted. Evidently it doesn't.

Any old timers remember watching Don Miguel. He was always saying rrrrrrrrrrepeatir. (or, repeat after me) I don't know that I could ever learn to speak Spanish, because I have never, ever been able to roll my R's. Can you roll your R's?

I'm curious--- if there are actually Latinos that can't roll an R, do they flunk their Spanish lessons?


Gino said...

you have to learn the r rolling at a young age, or is extremely difficult.

you children, very young, have the ability to make sound and develope the muscles to do it.

when you get older, its hard. the vocalizing muscles cant be developed. they are set where they are.

ever try to speak vietnamese?
its the hardest thing i ever tried to learn.

Mercy Now said...

Qui, qui, no abla espanol.

Uncle Ben said...

I can roll my rrrrs, but it's a useless skill since I don't speak Spanish.

Palm boy said...

Ah, Lo siento no comprendo mucho espanol. Mi vocabularo es muy picano.

Ah, no se hablo 'rrrr'.

Uncle Ben said...

Palm Boy, you can have my 'rrrrs' since you have at least a little vocabulary to use them on.