Friday, August 17, 2007

Bluto would be crying his eyes out

Remember the scene in Animal House where they're confiscating all the stuff from the Delta House (even the stuff they didn't steal)---some guy drops the bottles of whiskey, and Bluto goes into a conniption fit. I can see guys all over America (at least motorheads) having the same reaction to this scene.

Aug. 16: Backhoes are used to destroy smuggled luxury cars and SUVs as Lincoln Navigators, BMW X5 models and other brands that officials hope will teach smugglers a lesson at Subic Freeport, west of Manila, Philippines.


Bike Bubba said...

If I were a Philipino taxpayer, I'd be crying my eyes out when the government decided to destroy these vehicles instead of selling them. What on earth were they thinking?

In similar news, the Swedes turned a bazillion gallons of confiscated hooch instead of selling it. I can understand wanting to collect duties, but when you confiscate something brought in illegally, you can get the full revenue by simply selling it.

Why don't government types get this?

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a bit from the old Bloom County comic strip. They're selling illegal hair tonic, derived from Bill the Cat's sweat. It's a parody of the government's war on drugs. Some official makes an announcement that they've stopped .016% of the flow of illegal hair tonic; in the next panel Milo yells out, up the cost .016%.

These smugglers are just going to add the loss on to their next batch of cars they do get through.


Anonymous said...

They should of just confiscated them, then sell off the parts, or the whole car. I'm sure someone would of been happy with one of those, don't forget it could stimulate the economy a bit.