Saturday, July 14, 2007

Some days you just end with a contented sigh

What a fine day this was. We had our annual summer neighborhood picnic today. The kids played and swam hard with their friends most of the day. They have door prizes that they give away late in the afternoon, and in the 9 years we've done this, we have never won a prize---until today. I actually had my name drawn, and when I went up I was given an envelope that was donated by some local company. I didn't open it up right away, I just thought it would be a coupon, or a certificate; turns out there was a hundred dollar bill in it. Which was nice, because it paid for our drinks and food at our MN Organization of Bloggers event tonight.

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful evening. More importantly though, it was nice getting together with friends that we've made through my first year of blogging. (my 1 year anniversary is coming up July 19). Besides enjoying conversation with friends we've already made, I was able to meet Dan Stover, from Northern Alliance Wannabe; and, I talked awhile with Janet, from SCSU Scholars. I was hoping to meet Dan, and the other blogger I was hoping to meet was Bike Bubba; but alas, I don't believe he was there. I'm sure Ben, at Hammerswing, will be posting pictures as well; but here's a few that we took.

Moi, and the back of Mocha-momma's head.

The back door patio at Keegan's. These are all bloggers and their families. It was nice to see that quite a few brought their kids along as well. We brought JR and Hannah.

Uncle Ben, from Hammerswing. Me. Gabrielle, from I'm Free Now.

Reverend Mother. Mall Diva. (Nightwriter's wife and daughter) And Ben

Ben holds a very dear place in my heart. He was the first local blogger that visited my site, and gave me a plug on his. I think he's the Kevin Bacon of MN blogging, the whole 6 degrees of separation thing. No matter what blog you go to, you can get to his within 6 clicks.


Gino said...

wish i coulda been there, but since i'm a CA blogger, i would have felt just a wee bit outta place.

as for ben: he does seem to be everywhere, dont he?

Ben Worley said...

Gino, I'm a social butterfly!

Thanks KD. I remember how happy I was to stumble upon your site in the first place. (Funny thing that, eh? I must have had a gut feeling that we'd be friends.)

kingdavid said...

Gino: You woulda fit in just fine, and wish you could have been there. The only question is would a fine Italian like yourself frequent an Irish Pub?

How soon might it be before you become an AK blogger? Is that still a plan?

Dan S. said...

KD, it was truly a pleasure to meet you and your family last night. I only regret we couldn't stay longer.

Let's do it again soon.

Gino said...

arkansas(AR)is still in the plan.
hitting some snags with the sale of the land that will make it happen,though.
dont know how well i'd do in alaska (AK). kinda cold there,i hear. ;)

irish pub?
heh, if i can run with bagpipers...

Gabrielle Eden said...

I hope you don't mind if I steal your pictures again..he he. I need those photos. I remember kingdavid, when you stumbled on my site. Then, I think Ben followed. It's been rewarding.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Oh, yeh. Dan S., it was good to meet you, and Bike Bubba, I thought we would see you there too - missed you!