Saturday, July 28, 2007

Real men.................

So, we're at Como Zoo this morning, (Mocha-momma had a job doing tattoos at a company picnic from 10:30-12:30, so Hannah-bear and I tagged along) and Hannah and I are having a snack, doing some people watching while we eat. A couple is walking towards us, and they're noticeable for two reasons. They appeared to be Mennonites, or something like that; the woman had a long dress from the 1850's on and had the white skull cap type thingy on her head. The guy had a simple button-down shirt, with suspenders, and was wearing a weird hat. Secondly, the guy had a Stanley tape measure attached to his belt.

Who in their right mind would go out in public and wear a tape measure on their belt? Does the guy get some kind of urge to just measure things? I wondered if it was maybe a cell phone that looked exactly like a Stanley tape measure; but I don't think so. It's not like the guy was an old fart like me, or Nightwriter. He looked to be in his 20's. Anyway, I found it rather odd. I guess real men wear their tape measures with pride.

Here's just a few pictures. Sparky the Sea Lion has been the main attraction since the 60's. (not the same one, I think they've had about 3 or 4. This one is 17, and was born at the zoo) It's been a few years since we were over there. I was amazed at the new Japanese Garden exhibit and how they constructed that and the visitor center on to the old conservatory.


Gino said...

it amazes how both your kids look like the parents.
in girls's pic, i see mama from 30 yrs ago.
and i see a younger version of dad in JR.

its great.

(my boy dont look nuttin like me, but he's the carbon copy of his grandad)

Gabrielle Eden said...

I thought for sure gino was going to do a "gramps" joke again!

Gino said...

gabrielle: truth be told, my beard is as white as KD's. and i'm seven yrs younger. :(

Anonymous said...

30 years Gino? Couldn't you have said 10 or 15? That would have earned you some points!


Gino said...

but that would have made KD a criminal.
and i'm sure i wouldnt want to be responsible for his arrest.

besides, MM, i think he's too old for you already.

Surly Dave said...

I have a number of Mennonite friends, and I believe the tape measurer is their version of "bling".