Friday, July 27, 2007

I will make you hackers of men

Faith+Values: Outdoors ministry literally makes fishers of men
Trainer said his ministry, International Fishing Ministries, grew out of his passion for fishing, his frustration with traditional worship and statistics suggesting most church pews are populated by women.

"Church is set up like a country club for women. For me, after five minutes of a sermon, I'm off in my mind fishing on some stream somewhere. Other men are thinking about the hockey game."

David Murrow, author of "Why Men Hate Going to Church," says studies show the average U.S. congregation is 61 percent female. Murrow says many men see church-going as soft, uncomfortable, "womanly" behavior.

Well, I've never viewed attending church as 'womanly' behavior; but, I can see their point, to a point. The thing I always disliked about church was when the praise leader sang a song that not even Beverly Sills could hit with her voice. I love a good sermon, and I've been blessed in having had some very gifted teachers as pastors over the years.

This does open up some other possibilities. Anybody want to bankroll me to buy a golf course. Fishing wouldn't build Godly character anything like the way golfing would.


Gino said...

i dont get why, but evangelical/protestant christianity, and to a lessor extent, catholicism, is heavily feminised, culturally speaking.

why are all the christian book stores done up in pastel colors, and shades of baby blue and pink?
come on...
Christ was a manly man, his apostles patriarchal who had their women wait on them. He didnt pick artists and opera singers.

like i said,though...
catholic stores are better. all those statues and icons play into the male strengths of visualization, and they tone down the girlie background colors, and precious moments figurines.

like i said... i dont get it with the fem stuff. the evangelical men i know, and am friends with as well, are not the sissy boy types.
they like to hunt,fish,watch football and swagger like anybody else.

Gabrielle Eden said...

I will make you hackers of men! Pretty funny, but you left that one hanging - didn't hear any more about that idea.

kingdavid said...

Actually, hacker is a term used to denote golfers who don't exactly have the game mastered as of yet; but, do enjoy going out and hacking away at that little white ball for all their worth.

I still consider myself a hacker. I only get out a few times each year. I can hit a very solid shot one moment, and turn around and hit a 25 yard ground ball the next shot.