Monday, July 23, 2007

Let me take you on a tour of our hometown, Rockford MN

We're a typical cookie-cutter community. I don't put much stock in the rumor that it was founded by space aliens though; not sure where that came from.

We have a top-notch auto garage. Don't laugh, this guy was offered a job on Jeff Gordon's NASCAR team. They couldn't offer him enough Tender Vittles to leave Rockford though.

They're planning a bake sale to raise money for a new street sweeper. In the meantime, old George comes in from the farm and takes care of business.

Some of the greatest whitewater rafting is on the Crow River. People travel from as far away as Delano to test their skill. This guy never came back.

People love their trees in Rockford; much to the chagrin of the local soccer coach.

Mocha-momma and I found a little secluded spot along the river where we can enjoy one of our favorite pasttimes. Nobody else knows about it; it's our little secret.

The Rockford SWAT team doesn't get called out too often; but, when they do, it's news. Here, a cop is shown ready to take down some teens who were painting graffiti on the park gazebo.

The president of the local Lion's club is shown here collecting recycling to try and raise money for local projects. Next to this, their pork chop dinner is the next biggest fundraiser.

Rockford's dark little secret. There's been talk of someone going out and trying to rescue a princess so that the local authorities will get rid of the squatters. (ALL the squatters?)

New York has the Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest; we have the chicken eating contest. No pansies in this competition, you have to eat the whole chicken.

Children are the top priority in our little community. Their safety and security is uppermost in everything we do.

(don't mind the Only in Thailand and Indonesia titles on a few of the pictures. It happens in small town MN as well)

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Gabrielle Eden said...

Your children's safety and security - ha ha!