Sunday, July 15, 2007

A hotline tip came in from Tiger Lily

Sumatran tiger mauls keeper at Texas zoo
San Antonio man hospitalized in critical condition, but expected to be 'fine'

The zookeeper was attacked about 2:30 p.m. in a nonpublic area by the tiger, said zoo spokeswoman Dawn Campos. The man was expected to recover, she said.

Campos said she did not know the extent of the zookeeper’s injuries but said: “He was very, very fortunate. He’s going to be fine.”

I'd say being very, very fortunate would mean he got away before actually incurring any type of injury, let alone critical condition type injuries.

I wonder, since it occurred in a nonpublic area, maybe this wasn't a terrorist attack, but a personal vendetta.

I don't think the media needed to specify the ethnicity of the tiger, do you. Smacks of racism to me. Shouldn't they have just said tiger. I'm sure Bengal, or even Siberian tigers, are capable of this kind of violence.
(the reason I say this, is because in MN many media outlets follow some policy not to identify the ethnicity of alleged suspects. Basically, it's---keep on the lookout for someone who murdered somebody in downtown Mpls., they're carbon based life forms, and that's all we can tell you)

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