Sunday, July 15, 2007

Gino: have you heard of this outfit?

My brother called and said we should check this out as well.

Click on logo to go to their web.

In every field of human endeavor there is a select group of individuals who are given credit for making such major contributions that they become synonymous with their achievements. In the area of firearms development, one name that must be included on that honored roster is Benjamin Tyler Henry. His invention: The Henry Rifle.

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Gino said...

henry is as responsible for making a mark on history as remington, winchester, or colt, and they did indeed intorduce the first repeater rifle.
anything named 'henry' is a fine weapon, dont get me wrong. its a quality piece.

now, the drawbacks: henry doesnt offer an autoloader. and with the exception of the survival rifle, almost all are tube-feeders. i warned you about tube feeders,right? what isnt tube fed, is bolt action with henry.

when he sees another kid with an autoloader, you kid will wish he had one of those instead. they are much more fun, and less hassle.

buy him a henry big boy lever action after the ruger .22.

i wouldnt mind a big boy myself. henry repeaters have a smooth lever action. first rate.