Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What is a manticore? Think before you look at the post

JR loves mythology, and he's always popping questions on me about stuff he's learned. Today it was do you know what a manticore is. I had to profess my ignorance on this one. Well, did you know what it was?

The manticore is a legendary creature possessing the following chimera-like features:
*The head of a man, with horns, gray eyes, three rows of iron shark-like teeth, and a loud, trumpet/pipe-like roar.
*The body of a (sometimes albeit horse-sized) lion, often covered in red fur.
*The tail of a dragon or scorpion, which may shoot venomous spines or hairs to incapacitate prey.

The manticore may also be depicted with wings.

All you ever wanted to know about manticores HERE.

These things sound about as nasty as squirrels, only there's a lot less of them to be found.

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Douglas said...

Emerson, Lake and Palmer had a song called Manticore on the album Tarkus...